Wardlaw Academy Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Here are just a few facts to get you started

Are the teachers at Wardlaw Academy certified?

All teachers have either their teaching certification and/or a four-year college degree.

Do we have a lunch program?

Lunch Tickets
Lower School – $55
Upper School – $60
Snack Ticket – $25

Meal Schedule:
Monday: Pizza Hut Weekly
Tuesday: Changes Weekly (Served by Riley’s)
Wednesday: Changes Weekly (Served by Riley’s)
Thursday: Changes Weekly (Served by Riley’s)
Friday: Chic Fil A nuggets or sandwich

Do we offer a “Late Stay” program at Wardlaw?

K3 – 12th graders can stay from 2:45pm till 5:30pm. If your child would like to take advantage of our late stay program they will need sign authorization from their parent

Do we offer activities in addition to the athletic program?

We have a very active Fellowship of Christian Athletes group that you don’t have to be an athlete to be a member. We also have Jr. and Sr. Beta Clubs, Student Government, Math Teams, Spelling Teams, Drama Teams, Battle of the Books Teams, Yearbook staff, and a chess team. Also class field trips and academic competitions broaden the academic awareness of our students.

Do we offer lower school enrichment programs?

Yes. The following programs are part of our lower school activities: Spanish, computer, Art, Library, Music, and Physical Education. In addition, we also offer the Accelerated Reader Program.

How big is the average class size at Wardlaw Academy?

Our average class size is 15 students.

Is Wardlaw Academy a Christian School?

Wardlaw Academy is non-denominational and is not supported financially by any church; however, we do consider ourselves a Christian school. We firmly believe, promote and practice Christian morals, values and standards in all facets of our everyday school life and activities. We offer a Bible class, a Fellowship of Christian Athletes program, a Moms in Touch International prayer group, a monthly chapel service, and daily classroom devotions, but it’s not our curriculum that establishes our Christian foundation – it’s how we interact daily with each other. We chose a Christian approach in our philosophies and manner in which we work together, learn together, and have fun together.

Is Wardlaw Academy and accredited institution?

Wardlaw is an accredited school by AdvanceED and holds advanced accreditation by the South Carolina Independent School System.

What does Wardlaw Academy offer to my child and my family?

Wardlaw Academy offers a college-preparatory curriculum instructed by a dedicated and committed faculty and staff. Smaller class sizes, a safe learning environment, a family-oriented atmosphere, and sporting opportunities are just a few of our advantages. In addition to our strong academic program, we emphasize the worthwhile values of honesty, patriotism, respect, compassion, and Christianity. We strive to assist each student in successfully reaching his or her full potential intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

What Athletic opportunities are available at Wardlaw Academy?

Wardlaw Academy offers a variety of middle school sports and varsity sports – football, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, golf, sporting clays, archery, and cheerleading. Our teams have been extremely competitive over the years, winning many state championships.